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  • Medical Video Title:  Lap band surgery in India is assured to provide desired weight loss.
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    Lap band surgery in India is assured to provide you the desired weight loss if you were looking for a less cost option with the best medical care amenities. Lap band surgery in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Chennai is providing successive weight loss results to numerous obese patients coming from UK, America, and Europe including other parts of the world. The best candidates for lap and surgery are those candidates who have a body mass index of 35+ or 40+ are the right persons for lap band surgery. During the medically invasive weight loss procedure of lap band surgery a lap band that is adjustable in nature, is placed with the assistance of a laparoscope, using general anesthesia. To begin with, a few small incisions (access ports) are made in the abdominal wall. A narrow camera is then inserted through one of these ports to enable the surgeon to view the site of the operation on a video monitor. A small tunnel is created near the top of the stomach through which to insert the band, which is then wrapped around the upper part of the stomach about 20 mm below the gastro-esophageal junction. Lap band surgery is very convenient for weight loss as it requires a less hospital stay of 1-2 days and after following a simple post surgery precautions the patient can return to his normal daily activities after 7-10 days. Indian obesity surgeons at Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad are providing the best medical assistance for weight loss procedures like lap band surgery in India. The formalities for arranging abroad medical patient’s travel to India like medical visa, correspondence with the Indian obesity surgeons and hospital stay is easily arranged by medical tourism in India. Availing Indian medical tourism would ensure cost reduction on your outpatient lap band surgery in India and would also make you enjoy the best Indian hospitalization by Indian medical staff and holiday tourism resorts at Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Chennai. Get more details about less cost lap band surgery in India at http//www.forerunnershealthcare.com or mail queries at [email protected]
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