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  • Medical Video Title:  Gamma knife brain tumor surgery in India to cure brain cancer and brain tumors.
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    Gamma knife brain tumor surgery in India has set a new wave in the field of medical science to cure brain tumors and brain cancer and now medical patients from abroad are coming to India at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore to get it for getting treatment of brain tumors. Gamma knife radio surgery in India is being provided by experienced and JCI accredited brain tumor surgeons at an affordable price budget. Gamma knife radio surgery is a surgical procedure in which narrow beams of radiation are targeted to a volume of brain tissues having brain tumors . This highly focused and destructive dose of gamma radiation is given in a single session and avoids potentially harmful radiation to surrounding brain structures. Gamma Knife radio surgery for curing of brain tumors and vascular malformations has enjoyed incredible success. Stereo tactic techniques can also be used in gamma knife radio surgery to accurately aim fractionated doses of gamma rays or x-rays to a target; administering the treatment in small doses over days to weeks. This technique is a compromise between radio surgery and conventional radiotherapy to cure brain tumors. Medical treatment in India has become a good option for universal patients who want to get health recovery at low cost world class medical treatment facilities. Doctors and medical staff at Indian hospitals are a boon for those patients in abroad who have trouble in paying high medical bills or do not have any medical insurance. So getting gamma knife radio surgery in India with the best clinical care can make your life more happy and healthy than ever before. Planning a medical trip to India is not so difficult as medical tourism in India has been serving abroad medical patients to get medical visa, pre surgery consultation and travel arrangements. You may know more about gamma knife radio surgery in India at http//www.forerunnershealthcare.com or mail queries at [email protected]
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