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  • Medical Video Title:  UK lady gets back fertility after her tubal ligation reversal surgery in India.
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    Sarah Stanton from UK resumed back to fertility after her tubal ligation reversal surgery in India at Mumbai. She was satisfied with the post surgery results and is sure to conceive in the forthcoming months. Tubal ligation reversal surgeryis serving as a good solution to women who previously took the sterlization procedure. The procedure of tubal ligation reversal surgery in India at Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai is operated with the most modern medical protocols at an affordable price. Tubal ligation reversal surgery is the reversing of the effects of tubal ligation which most of women take to sterlise themselves for avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Most of women today consider family planning very important and take a tubal ligation after their immediate pregnancy however some of them change their minds and reverse their tubal ligation for having children again according their requirements. Tubal reversal surgery usually requires a laparotomy procedure which is a much larger incision on the abdomen usually approximately 4 to 6 inches in length. Since the skin and all the muscles and other tissues of the abdominal wall must be cut through there is considerably more discomfort and a much longer recovery time following the surgery as compared to a laparoscopic surgery such as with a tubal ligation. Some infertility treatment experts are now performing tubal reversal surgery through the laparoscope. Women getting the procedure of tubal ligation reversal surgery need to be in the hospital for approximately 3 days following tubal reversal surgery they are recommended to take rest for at least 2 weeks. Save 50% money on the cost of tubal ligation reversal surgery in India at the best infertility treatment clinics of Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. Enjoy medical tourism in India get health plus refresh yourself with holiday vacations at the most famous Indian tourism destinations. Medical treatment in India is both cost effective and of international quality. You may get more info on tubal ligation reversal surgery in India at http//www.indianmedguru.com or mail at [email protected]
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