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  • Medical Video Title:  ACL reconstruction surgery in India at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.
  • Channel:  Orthopedics
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    As an orthopedic treatment ACL reconstruction surgery in India is curing abroad patients from US, Canada, UK, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania from knee disorders by providing them proper clinical care at a low cost. ACL reconstruction surgery is another easy option to knee replacement if one has minor knee fractures. ACL reconstruction surgery in India has got a success rate for abroad patients. ACL reconstruction surgery is an orthopedic treatment that is done to replace the ligament in the center of the knee (the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL) with a new ligament. The ACL is a ligament in the center of your knee that prevents the shin bone (tibia) from moving forward on the thigh bone (femur). A tear of this ligament can cause your knee to give way during physical activity. ACL reconstruction surgery is done to replace the torn ligament. There are several choices of tissue to use for the new ligament, including tissue from your own body (an autograft) or tissue from someone who has died (allograft). The most common autografts use part of the tendon in the front of the knee (patellar tendon) or in the hamstring. Each type of graft has small advantages and disadvantages, and works well for many people. ACL reconstruction surgery gives cure to knee disorders and knee pain in a permanent way. India is a world class destination to get health recovery at a low cost budget along with the best medical treatment facilities. You will be able to save 52% cost on your outpatient ACL reconstruction surgery in India at surgically equipped orthopedic surgery hospitals of Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore. Medical tourism in India having contacts with reputed orthopedic surgeons provides access to the best medical facilities for recovery. You may get a proper medical consultation for ACL reconstruction surgery in India at http//www.fly2india4health.com or mail your case details at [email protected]
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