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  • Medical Video Title:  Achilles tendon repair surgery in India Advanced medical repair for ruptures tendon.
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    Achilles tendon repair surgery in India is available to foreign orthopedic patients with an advanced medical repair for ruptures tendon. India is a global destination for getting fine quality orthopedic surgery procedures like knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder surgery including Achilles tendon repair surgery. One can get a very early date of medical appointment for his Achilles tendon repair surgery in India by trained orthopedic surgeons of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai in India. An Achilles tendon is a strong cord which joins a muscle to a bone. It enables the bone to move when the muscle contracts. Your Achilles tendon joins the bottom of your calf muscle to your heel, at the back of your ankle. It enables you to point your foot down and raise your heel. In this case, your Achilles tendon is torn - or ruptured. This typically occurs in men in their forties or fifties whilst playing sports such as squash or badminton. During the procedure of Achilles tendon repair surgery the patient is given an anesthesia and will be asleep for the whole operation. A vertical cut is made down the back of your heel. The ends of your ruptured tendon are brought together. They are then held together with stitches to help your tendon to heal. The skin wound is then closed up with stitches. The patient will be at the hospital three to four days after your operation. One can go home when he/she is able to walk safely with crutches. The patient will be in a plaster for approximately six weeks. Achilles tendon repair surgery in India provides a cost effective medical rehabilittaion to foreign orthopedic patients helping them to save their precious earned money and time. In India one gets quick medical appointment dates and the surgery quality available at the orthopedic surgery hospitals of Mumbai and Delhi including Chennai is very appealing. One can get hospital care of experienced medical staff coupled with advanced facilities of medical tourism in India. You may get more details of less cost Achilles tendon repair surgery in India at http//www.fly2india4health.com or mail your details at [email protected]
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