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  • Medical Video Title:  Sinus augmentation surgery in India from the most well trained dental treatment surgeons and maxillo facial doctors.
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    Get a sinus augmentation surgery in India from the most well trained dental treatment surgeons and maxillo facial doctors and surgeons at Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore at a very less cost budget. Medical tourists coming to India have got the benefit of cost savings, quick medical appointments and a comfortable medical rehabilitation stay this is what every one getting a sinus augmentation surgery in India going gets from reputed Indian Healthcare system. A sinus augmentation surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars to make it taller. Once teeth are lost in that particular area it makes it difficult if not impossible to place endosseous implants in that area, as you can see on the right image above. For this particular problem a grafting method called sinus augmentation surgery was developed to literally raise the bottom of the sinus back up, graft bone underneath and, thus, create enough space for one or more dental implants. Sinus augmentation surgery procedure can sometimes be performed as a single procedure, if enough bone between the upper jaw ridge and the bottom of the sinus is available to stabilize the implant well. If not enough bone is available, then Sinus Augmentation will have to be performed first, then the graft will have to mature for a month, once the graft has matured dental implants can be placed. Are you tired of the long waiting to get an appointment from your surgeon, are the expenses of medical treatment heavily weighing on your pocket. And still there is no hope how much time you have to wait. Come to India the father of medical science. Save 40-50% money on your sinus augmentation surgery in India at Delhi, Goa and Mumbai. In India you can get the latest yet affordable cost medical facilities in and a memorable health tourism vacation. Know more about sinus augmentation surgery in India at http//www.forerunnershealthcare.com or mail at [email protected]
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