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  • Medical Video Title:  Arthroscopic ankle surgery in India at modern orthopedic hospitals of Mumbai
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    Arthroscopic ankle surgery in India at modern orthopedic hospitals of Mumbai is providing relief to patients who were suffering from ankle related problems. Arthroscopic ankle surgery requires a lot of skill from the orthopedic surgeon. It can be done in a minimally invasive way, using the arthroscope. The best orthopedic surgery hospitals at Mumbai are providing Arthroscopic ankle surgery in India at a minimal cost. The procedure of ankle surgery is performed by opening up ankle joint and the surgeon that removes the articular cartilage surfaces. The joint is then put in the correct place and fixed with two or three screws. The entire procedure is performed by the surgeon looking at the joint through the arthroscope. It has been found out that patients show fast recovery and increased satisfaction with arthroscopic ankle surgery than with open ankle surgery. This is because of the smaller incisions in the arthroscopic method make for less disruption of the soft tissues and help better blood supply to the bone. Arthroscopic ankle surgery in India is operated in orthopedic hospitals of Mumbai which has international level of medical infrastructure. Also the orthopedic surgeons are well experienced and high skill. All these medical facilities are offers to the patient at a relatively low cost. International standards of medical services and low cost makes India as the favorite medical tourism destination for foreign patients. To know more about arthroscopic ankle surgery in India visit http//fly2india4health.com. or mail your queries at [email protected]
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