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  • Medical Video Title:  Patient Experience Having Revision Rhinoplasty Performed by Dr. Paul S. Nassif
  • Channel:  Plastic Surgery
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    LIZ The first time the doctor made my tip too narrow and I didnt look like myself. The second time the doctor made my tip too wide, and actually took out (removed) extra bone from the side of my nose. That didnt need to be taken out (removed) My initial consultation with Dr. Nassif was fantastic! He treated me liker his own daughter, and was very caring and thorough. He went over everything! DR. NASSIF Liz came into me for a revision rhinoplasty. She told me that shes had two previous rhinoplasties. She was unhappy with the way her nose appeared on her face. She felt it was asymmetric, the tip was kind of bulbous, or large appearing, especially when she looked up, this view, it was very asymmetric. And so, her whole goal was to make it look better, hopefully make it her LAST surgery, and also to help with her breathing. One of the things thats very important about revision rhinoplasty that you always have to consider is; What are you going to find in there? Even though you can feel the nose, you can palpate it, you can look at it, and you can guess what the other doctors have performed; your first up-hill battle is to see how much scar tissue youre going to be able to identify with. So when you have to open up the nose, you have to remove the scar tissue, identify it whats there, whats present, whats been removed. Then after you do that, and you have cartilage now ready for grafting, or fascia, or perichondrium, you have to start rebuilding it. Rebuilding it (cartilage) is the second big stage after weve already carved everything; weve carved the cartilage. In that scenario when Im playing with the nose, in regards to staring at the profile, staring at the front of the nose, I go back and forth and look inside and outside of the nose to make sure its as symmetric as possible. That takes a long time One of Lizs main complaints was that on her profile, that her tip stuck out too far. And so one of the things I had to do in surgery is called a medial cura tuck-up, I had to push the tip back, by pushing the tip back, it can make the tip look a little bit wider. But in this situation, I was able to bring everything in as much as I can. After Im finished with everything, and Im happy, then we go ahead and we start to close the nose. Thats putting every little small stitch in perfectly, so that the scar will be minimally visible.
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