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  • Medical Video Title:  International patients getting low cost medical treatment in India
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    International patients are getting low cost medical treatment in India. As everyone knows Indian medical tourism is growing rapidly and is verge of becoming a global medical hub. Many international patients come to India for treatment because the surgery costs are low and the facilities offered are of international standards. Medical treatment in India is conducted in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, which posses some of the finest hospitals also the foreign patients are assisted by Indian surgeons who have attained world wide fame in the field of surgery. The patients are looked well by the medical staff. Some of the treatments done in India are obesity surgery, spinal surgery, orthopedic surgery and infertility treatments. Medical tourism in India offers various tourism packages to foreign patients like the packages include medical visa, stay in five star hotels, conduction of surgery in India’s top hospitals an pick and drop facility. After the treatment the patients visit to various tourist destination across India for their relaxation and comfort. To know more about medical treatment in India visit www.forerunnershealthcare.com or mail your queries at [email protected]
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