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  • Medical Video Title:  Complete facial surgery from Beverly Hills Dr. Nassif
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    http//www.spaldingplasticsurgery.com, 310.275.2467 Endoscopic Browlift The endoscopic brow lift is performed under IV sedation with local anesthesia or can be performed under general anesthesia with tumescent technique. The procedure takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Small incisions are created behind the hairline, measuring less than 2-cm in length. These incisions hide quite nicely in the hairline. This minimally invasive technique of endoscopic visualization is performed using a fiber optic endoscope. Visualization is in an exact plane beneath the scalp and subcutaneous tissue. Tissue is released and repositioned to appear more youthful. The hairline is slightly raised. The eyebrows and redundant eyelid skin are also repositioned upward. The forehead glabellar muscles, which cause the facial expressions of worry, concern, and fatigue are trimmed. Comprehensive Face and Neck Lift Aging of the face is inevitable. As the years go by, the skin on the face and neck begins to loosen. The jaw line softens into jowls and excess tissue forms at the front of the neck. The rhytidectomy, or facelift, could improve your looks and self-confidence. As with all facial plastic surgery, good health and realistic expectations are prerequisites. The goal of the facelift is to improve the overall facial appearance. A facelift cannot stop aging, nor can it turn back the clock. It will not improve fine wrinkles. What it can do is help your face look its best and give you a healthy, more youthful appearance. A facelift is usually performed under general anesthesia, or in some cases, local injections of anesthesia with intravenous sedation can be used. Asian upper and lower Blepharoplasty with peri-orbital fat grafting Known as Asian double eyelid surgery, this procedure aims to surgically create creases in the eyelids of Asian patients. Generally, the Asian lid starts at the crease very close to the eyelashes. As the crease becomes further away from the nose, it gets larger until it reaches the midpoint of the pupil. In effect, the fold runs parallel to the eyelash origin. In upper eyelid blepharoplasty, a fine incision is made in the pre-existing crease above each eye. A crescent of excess skin and muscle is then removed, as well as all fat (puffiness) that is present. Chin augmentation is a common procedure performed to improve the balance of your facial profile and correct a weak chin or receding chin due to congenital deficiency, age-related bone resorption or facial trauma. A weak chin can make the nose seem larger or make the neck appear fatty and undefined. Chin augmentation with an implant is the procedure of choice for most patients with normally functioning teeth and jaw development. http//www.spaldingplasticsurgery.com Spalding Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology 120 S. Spalding Drive Suite 315 Beverly Hills, Ca. 90212 Tel (310) 275-2467
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