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  • Medical Video Title:  Laparoscopic procedures, EndoGrab (Virtual Ports)
  • Channel:  Laparoscopy
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    Virtual Ports, Ltd. (http//www.virtual-ports.com) is a medical device company developing and marketing instruments to improve minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. The EndoGrab retraction system reduces the number of ports needed for surgery by eliminating the need for traditional hand held retraction. For the surgeon, this simple solution results in the need for less auxiliary personnel, a decreased overall surgery cost, and more control over the surgery. The EndoGrab also offers added benefit to the patient who will experience less post-operative discomfort and scarring. The EndoGrab is an internally anchored, hands-free retracting device that is introduced at the start of surgery through a 5mm trocar by means of a proprietary Applier tool. The Surgeon uses the Applier to attach the EndoGrab to both the organ requiring retraction and to the internal abdominal wall, thereby removing the organ from the operative field. The Applier is then removed and the port is free for use by other instruments. 3D video animation produced by Virtual Point Multimedia (http//virtual-point.com)
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