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  • Medical Video Title:  IV Cannulae - How To Reduce Spreading MRSA
  • Channel:  Clinical Skills
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    Cannula are often introduced into blood vessels in 80% of patients in the hospital for treatment. This can be a daunting experience to patients and stressful to doctors as multiple attempts are used. This may result in introducing spreading MRSA, E Coli Chlostredium living on your skin into blood and results in Invasive MRSA infection. Skin is often not adequatly cleaned during subsequent atempts as doctors/nurses do not wait for 1 min after applying cleaning solution on the skin before they puncture your skin. Multiple punctured sites allow CA-MRSA to enter blood stream resulting in bacteremia and death. Our mission is to reduce spreading invasive CA-MRSA in the hospitals by developing alternative technique to introduce cannulae. Medifix was created by doctors with a mission to reduce the threat of spreading antibiotic resustant bacteria to mankind.
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