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  • Medical Video Title:  China - The Empire of the Centre - Millenary Medicine
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    Scenes of Chinese Medicine, dating back 3,000 years. Medicine only with energy of hands that not even touch the patient. Acupuncture, a thyroid removal, where the patient is anaesthetised with only 4 needles. One detail is that she arrives half hour before the operation, having ridden on a bike and walked on her own to the operation room, 3 hours after the operation she will be going back home. Chinese pharmacy stocked only with herbs that heal everything. How the balance of mind, body and Universe creates health. Tai Shi Shuan helps to maintain balance and connection with the Universe. The best doctors of the world, the so-called the barefoot ones, treat the patient as a whole and do not treat a specific disease. Chinese Medicine treats the patient as they are, a human being. WE STILL HAVE A LOT TO LEARN. These are impressive scenes of a documentary China, the Empire of the Centre.
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