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  • Medical Video Title:  Robotic Hysterectomy for Endometrial Carcinoma
  • Channel:  Gynecology and STDs
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    M. Patrick Lowe, MD, renowned robotic surgeon and gynecologic oncologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, will demonstrate the use of robotic surgery to treat endometrial cancer. Dr. Lowe, director of the robotics and minimally invasive surgical program for the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Northwestern Universitys Feinberg School of Medicine, was among the early adopters of robotics to treat gynecologic malignancies, citing precision, improved dexterity and superior patient outcomes among the benefits. Women diagnosed with a gynecologic malignancy want the shortest route leading back to a degree of normalcy post treatment, says Lowe. Robotic surgery offers the path of least resistance, combining shorter recovery times with superior outcomes.
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