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  • Title: Dr. Samir Abd Elghaffar discussing RFA treatment of Hepatocellular Car...

  • Description: Dr. Samir Abd Elghaffar, Associate professor of Intervetional Radiology at Ain Shams University , Faculty of Medicine is being interviewed and showing a case of a patient who has been successfully treated from Hepatocellular Carcinoma HCC by Radio Frequency Ablation RFA on the the famous satellite channel MBC.
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  • Tags: samir abd elghaffar ain shams university medicine interventional radiology hcc r...
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  • Title: Autism in children by Dr. Mostafa Yakoot

  • Description: مرض التوحد عند الأطفال أعراض تشخيص علاج
    دكتور مصطفى ياقوت
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  • Tags: دكتور مصطفى ياقوت مرض التوحد Dr. Mostafa Yakoot, MD AUT...