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  • Title: Are vaccines safe?

  • Description: Vaccines are extremely safe. Adverse reactions are uncommon. The most common reaction is pain and swelling at the vaccine site, which is easily treated, and has no longterm problems. An allergic reaction to vaccines are rare. Dr. Michael Davis dispells this and other vaccine myths, including myths about autism and vacc...
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  • Title: Autism in children by Dr. Mostafa Yakoot

  • Description: مرض التوحد عند الأطفال أعراض تشخيص علاج
    دكتور مصطفى ياقوت
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  • Tags: دكتور مصطفى ياقوت مرض التوحد Dr. Mostafa Yakoot, MD AUT...
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  • Title: Miracle-Like Responses...When you Put the Brain in Better Control of t...

  • Description: From a cancer patient to the mother of children with autism the story is the same: miraculous results from a simple, painless neck correction. The little-known NUCCA chiropractic technique has received national media attention for the positive effect it had on patients in a high blood pressure study. Now Dr. Dickholtz'...
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