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  • Title: Are vaccines safe?

  • Description: Vaccines are extremely safe. Adverse reactions are uncommon. The most common reaction is pain and swelling at the vaccine site, which is easily treated, and has no longterm problems. An allergic reaction to vaccines are rare. Dr. Michael Davis dispells this and other vaccine myths, including myths about autism and vacc...
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  • Title: Bigger Muscles?? Victims of Synthol and non-muscle developing methods

  • Description: Some bodybuilders, particularly at professional level, use substances such as "site enhancement oil", commonly known as synthol, to mimic the appearance of developed muscle where it may otherwise be disproportionate or lagging. This is known as "fluffing". Synthol is 85% oil, 7.5% lidocain, and 7.5% alcohol.Use is lega...
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  • Tags: Bigger Muscles?? Victims of Synthol muscle developing methods
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  • Title: Allergic Nasal polyps

  • Description: More videos on my youtube channel
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  • Tags: endoscopic allergy nasal polyps FESS
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  • Title: Cured from Crohn's disease with Auto-hemotherapy

  • Description: Cured from Crohn's disease with Auto-hemotherapy

    My name is Jose Luiz Dutra,
    I am now 77 years old and live in
    the city of Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil.

    Crohn's disease is considered incurable
    and is characterised by a bowel ulcer,
    great discomfort of the ...
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