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  • Title: Esophageal Dilation

  • Description: What is Esophageal Dilation?
    Esophageal dilation is a procedure that allows your doctor to dilate, or stretch, a narrowed area of your esophagus [swallowing tube]. Doctors can use various techniques for this procedure. Your doctor might perform the procedure as part of a sedated endoscopy. Alternatively, your do...
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  • Title: Endoscopic Transgastric Pancreatic Necrosectomy

  • Description: We herein describe endoscopic treatment of symptomatic pancreatic pseudocyst with significant necrosis and a fistula. Fifty eight year old man had presented to us with a large pseudocyst following an episode of acute pancreatitis. He was complaining of significant abdominal pain for two months. A... CT scan abdominal h...
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  • Title: Dual Sphincterotomy with a Needle Knife Over a Stent for Sphincter of ...

  • Description: This 38 year old woman has increasingly intractable RUQ pain after cholecystectomy done one year prior. LFTs and pancreatic enzymes have been normal, and ducts are non-dilated, thus she is a Type III possible SOD patient. Initial goal is to define course of pancreatic duct for manometry. 5-4-3 Co...ntour catheter (Bost...
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  • Tags: Dual Sphincterotomy Needle Knife Stent Sphincter Oddi Dysfunction
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  • Title: Minimal invasive anterior preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair

  • Description: Surgical technique: A 3cm skin incision under spinal or general anesthesia, depending on the patients’ preference, starts half way the line between the superior anterior iliac spine towards the midline in a 30° angle to the pubic tubercle. Scarpa’s fascia is opened as well as the external obliq...ue aponeurosis. B...
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  • Tags: Minimal invasive anterior preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair
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  • Title: Ways to Help Pregnant Women Dilate HD

  • Description: Ways to Help Pregnant Women Dilate HD
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  • Tags: Ways to Help Pregnant Women Dilate HD
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  • Title: Amniotomy - Breaking the bag of water prior to childbirth

  • Description: Amniotomy is the official term for artificially breaking the bag of waters during labor. It is believed that breaking the bag of waters will help to speed up an otherwise slow labor. Amniotomy is part of the Active Management of Labor practiced in some hospitals. Amniotomy is performed by a midwife or doctor. A l...
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  • Title: How Penile Implants Work

  • Description: What Happens During an Erection?
    In order to attain an erection, messages from the brain and other sense organs trigger the arteries of the penis to dilate. This allows an increased amount of blood to flow into three columns of spongy tissue in the penis.

    As the arteries supplying blood to the cor...
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