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  • Title: Pediatric Medical History

  • Description: Pediatric Medical History
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  • Title: Physical Exam and Sample History

  • Description: Physical Exam and Sample History
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  • Title: Hip Exam

  • Description: Function and Anatomy: The hip is a ball and socket type joint, formed by the articulation of the head of the femur with the pelvis. Normal range of motion includes: abduction 45 degrees, adduction 20-30 degrees, flexion 135 degrees, extension 30 degrees, internal and external rotation. Hip pathology can cause symptoms ...
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  • Title: Lower Back Exam

  • Description: Common Benign Pain Syndromes--Symptoms and Etiology:
    1. Non-specific musculoskeletal pain: This is the most common cause of back pain. Patients present with lumbar area pain that does not radiate, is worse with activity, and improves with rest. There may or may not be a clear history of antecedent over use or in...
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  • Title: BMMI in the Post RK Eye

  • Description: Challenges of cataract surgery in the eye with a history of radial keratotomy include IOL power calculation, protection of the cornea and aviodance of capsular complications.
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  • Title: Pediatric Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

  • Description: it's a 8 years old boy with previous medical history of Sickle cell disease presented with gall stone and repeat abdominal pain. A laparoscopic cholecystectomy is performed. The cystic duct is controlled with 2 stiches of absorbable suture. The cystic artery is simply cauterized with the hook cauter...y. the specimen i...
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  • Title: Case of Multiple Ulcers

  • Description: A 76 year-old, female, presented with a three day history of melena without any abdominal pain. She had one episode of hematemesis (about 100 ml blood) in the emergency room, patient has a strong alcoholic drink abuse.
    An upper endoscopy with magnification was performed.
    multiple ulcers were detected acro...
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  • Title: Weight loss surgery at Kerala in India.

  • Description: Now extensive options are available for getting weight loss surgery at Kerala in India. New medical care system at weight loss surgery hospitals of Kerala in India with modern surgical amenities will provide better quality health recovery to all. The options for weight loss surgery at Kerala in India are available in t...
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  • Title: Surgery without Stitches

  • Description: A thin polymer film that seals surgical wounds could make sutures a relic of medical history.

    Measuring just 50 microns, the film is placed on a surgical wound and exposed to an infrared laser, which heats the film just enough to meld it and the tissue, thus perfectly sealing the wound. Known as Surgilux...
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  • Title: Colonoscopy displaying a Colon Cancer

  • Description: Adenocarcinoma of the Transverse Colon taken by Dr. Julio Murra Saca This is the case of a 42 year-old male, with no significant past medical history presented with abdominal pain and no weight loss was reported. Adenocarcinoma of the colon is a primary cause of mortality and
    morbidity in North America and Weste...
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  • Title: Liver surgery in India with Forerunners Healthcare

  • Description: Forerunners Healthcare, India‚Äôs leading healthcare consultants is providing medical services by specializing in the field of liver surgery in India. Forerunners Healthcare consultants facilitate world class, high quality and less cost medical treatment at some of the best hospitals of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai in Ind...
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  • Title: Brief History of the USA by Michael Moore

  • Description: A very funny video by Michael Moore showing a brief history of America
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