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  • Title: Appendectomy

  • Description: Appendectomy (midline caecum)
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  • Title: Minimal invasive anterior preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair

  • Description: Surgical technique: A 3cm skin incision under spinal or general anesthesia, depending on the patients’ preference, starts half way the line between the superior anterior iliac spine towards the midline in a 30° angle to the pubic tubercle. Scarpa’s fascia is opened as well as the external obliq...ue aponeurosis. B...
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  • Tags: Minimal invasive anterior preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair
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  • Title: A new sign to determine the incision line in the treatment of septate ...

  • Description: We noticed a blue-line in the endometrial cavity between the tubal ostiae after injection of methylene blue (to determine tubal patency). We have seen this “blue-line” even in cases with normal or unicornuate uterus and/or in cases with patent or occluded fallopian tubes(Picture 1). So the explanation of th...
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  • Title: Laparoscopy in Acute Intestinal Obstruction

  • Description: Laparoscopy in acute bowel obstruction following previous surgery is a difficult procedure and avoided by most of the surgeons due to the difficulty in obtaining pneumoperitoneum, port placement, lack of working space, adhesions and risk of bowel injury.
    Here is a patient who had a previous laparotomy for trauma...
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  • Tags: Laparoscopy Acute Intestinal Obstruction
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  • Title: Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair

  • Description: The pneumoperitoneum is obtained by primary insufflation with the Visiport (LUQ insertion for midline or right side hernia); two other 5mm ports placed conveniently are added.
    The hernia contents are reduced. A peritoneal incision is made to allow a 5cm clearance from the hernia neck; the sac is dissected with c...
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  • Tags: Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair
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  • Title: Bunion Hallux Abductor Valgus Surgery

  • Description: A "Hallux Valgus" or "Hallux Abducto-Valgus" deformity, is commonly referred to as a "Bunion." This describes a pathological condition involving the position of the "hallux" in relation to the first metatarsal.

    A bunion deformity can clinically present with a variety of characteristics. The foot itself m...
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  • Title: Midline Episiotomy

  • Description: Midline Episiotomy
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  • Tags: Midline Episiotomy childbirth
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  • Title: Abdominal Closure

  • Description: A closure device and method to close the abdomen between surgical procedures and maintain a normal physiologic tension on the fascia to prevent undue retraction. In one embodiment, the closure device includes a “needled carabiner” attached to a rubberband of specific tension. The rubberband mimics the physiologic t...
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  • Tags: abdomen closure surgery suture stitches
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  • Description: This is a minimally invasive surgical technique using an endoscope to remove any type of lumbar disc herniation - prolapsed, sequestrated or migrating discs. This technique does not employ any specialist instruments.The procedure involves two 5 mm portals employed beside the midline at the appropriate level of disc pro...
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  • Tags: lumbar disc prolapse hernia slipped discectomy minimally invasive endoscopic sci...
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  • Title: Acalculous Cholecystopathy - Umbilical Hernia

  • Description: Patient 65-year-old of age who comes to the medical consultation with pain moderated pain in the right hypochondrium of “several years of evolution” but that it increased one week ago. Also, she shows pain in the umbilical region of “many years of evolution”, that is supported according to the patient - in a co...
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  • Tags: Acalculous Cholecystopathy Umbilical Hernia