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  • Title: Yag Capsulotomy

  • Description: Short Version of Yag Laser Treatment of Capsule Opacity or "after cataract" Video Presentation by Tampa Bay Area Ophthalmologist Ahad Mahootchi, MD from the Eye Clinic of Florida.
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  • Title: Lichenestein mesh repair of Indirect Inguinal Hernia

  • Description: Short video of tension free repair of indirect inguinal hernia using a prolene mesh after herniotomy
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  • Tags: Lichenestein mesh repair of inguinal hernia oblique
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  • Title: Esophageal Dilation

  • Description: What is Esophageal Dilation?
    Esophageal dilation is a procedure that allows your doctor to dilate, or stretch, a narrowed area of your esophagus [swallowing tube]. Doctors can use various techniques for this procedure. Your doctor might perform the procedure as part of a sedated endoscopy. Alternatively, your do...
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  • Tags: Esophageal Dilationnarrowing esophagus
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  • Title: Hand and Wrist Exam

  • Description: Hand and Wrist
    Normal function of the hand and wrist is obviously of great importance. A cursory review of this area is included in the Upper Extremity Examination. What follows is a description of commonly occurring pain syndromes and pathologic processes involving this region. 1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Present...
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  • Tags: hand wrist exam joint
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  • Title: Knee Exam

  • Description: The Knee Exam
    1. Make sure that both knees are fully exposed. The patient should be in either a gown or shorts. Rolled up pant legs do not provide good exposure!
    2. Watch the patient walk. Do they limp or appear to be in pain? When standing, is there evidence of bowing (varus) or knock...
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  • Tags: knee joint exam
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  • Title: Robotic Hysterectomy for Endometrial Carcinoma

  • Description: M. Patrick Lowe, MD, renowned robotic surgeon and gynecologic oncologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, will demonstrate the use of robotic surgery to treat endometrial cancer.

    Dr. Lowe, director of the robotics and minimally invasive surgical program for the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at North...
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  • Tags: Robotic Hysterectomy Endometrial Cancer robotic surgeon gynecologic oncol...
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  • Title: Larynx cancer surgery in India with Medical tourism at Goa and Kerala.

  • Description: Get free from larynx cancer with a larynx cancer surgery in India and also enjoy medical tourism in India at Goa and Kerala. Now JCI accredited cancer surgeons are operating outpatient larynx cancer surgery Larynx cancer starts in a single cell, when it starts dividing out of control. When cells divide rapidly in the ...
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  • Tags: Larynx cancer surgery India, larynx cancer, larynx cancer surgery Goa, larynx ca...
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  • Title: Loop Duodenal Switch

  • Description: Loop duodenal switch is an end-to-side proximal duodeno-ileal bypass with a sleeve gastrectomy. The proximal duodenal stump is anastomosed to an ileal loop, 200 cm from the ileocecal valve. The procedure is a malabsorptive operation with some theoretical advantages: only one anastomosis is performed..., and so the oper...
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  • Tags: Loop Duodenal Switch
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  • Title: Endoscopic Transgastric Pancreatic Necrosectomy

  • Description: We herein describe endoscopic treatment of symptomatic pancreatic pseudocyst with significant necrosis and a fistula. Fifty eight year old man had presented to us with a large pseudocyst following an episode of acute pancreatitis. He was complaining of significant abdominal pain for two months. A... CT scan abdominal h...
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  • Tags: Endoscopic Transgastric Pancreatic Necrosectomy pancreas
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  • Title: Mini Gastric Bypass

  • Description: The Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a short, simple, successful and inexpensive laparoscopic gastric bypass weight loss surgery. The operation usually takes only 30 min., hospitalization less than 24 hours. The Mini Gastric Bypass is low risk, has excellent long term weight loss, minimal pain and can b...e easily reversed...
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  • Tags: mini gastric bypass
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  • Title: Stapled hemorrhoidectomy for acute hemorrhoidal crisis

  • Description: Stapled hemorrhoidectomy for acute hemorrhoidal crisis could be undertaken under local anathesia with early recovery, short hospital stay and minimal postoperative pain
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  • Tags: Stapled hemorrhoidectomy acute hemorrhoidal crisis
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  • Title: Canadian spine patient's artificial disc replacement surgery in India.

  • Description: A Canadian native Joan had her artificial disc replacement surgery in India at Mumbai, the Indian spine surgeon gave her the procedure because she was suffering from severe back pain due to cervical disc disease. Getting artificial disc replacement surgery in India at Mumbai helped Joan to get relief from back pain. Ar...
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  • Tags: artificial disc replacement surgery India, artificial disc replacement surgery, ...