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  • Title: Advanced PRK - No Touch Tecnique 100% Laser

  • Description: Demonstrative video of Advanced PRK - No Touch Technique. 100% Laser. In this particular technique there is no need for mechanical device or to cut the corneal flap.
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  • Title: Hand and Wrist Exam

  • Description: Hand and Wrist
    Normal function of the hand and wrist is obviously of great importance. A cursory review of this area is included in the Upper Extremity Examination. What follows is a description of commonly occurring pain syndromes and pathologic processes involving this region. 1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Present...
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  • Title: Shoulder Exam

  • Description: Shoulder Exam
    I think that the most daunting aspect of the shoulder exam is appreciating the functional anatomy of this incredibly mobile joint. The primary benefit of the ball and socket arrangement is that it allows the hand to be positioned precisely in space, maximizing our ability to function. In terms of f...
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  • Title: Oral Exam

  • Description: The exam should be performed in an orderly fashion as follows: 1. Have the patient stick out their tongue so that you can examine the posterior pharynx (i.e. the back of the throat). Ask the patient to say "Ah", which elevates the soft palate, giving you a better view. If you are still unable to see, place the tongue b...
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  • Title: Timely medical appointment provided for head and neck cancer surgery i...

  • Description: Visit India and see the modern and outstanding medical infrastructure facilities that are available for head and neck cancer surgery in India. You can get immediate and timely medical appointment for head and neck cancer surgery in India at any reputed cancer surgery hospital of Hyderabad, Mumbai, Calcutta, Pune or Go...
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  • Tags: Head and neck cancer surgery, head and neck cancer surgery India, less price hea...
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  • Title: Fly2india4health for your rotator cuff repair surgery in India

  • Description: Fly2india4health is there for you for providing rotator cuff repair surgery in India to cure and heal rotator cuff injuries and tears. This procedure is done to treat a rotator cuff disorder if the injury is very severe or if non surgical treatment has failed to improve shoulder strength and movement sufficiently. Rota...
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  • Title: Everything about Pelvis Examination

  • Description: Routine pelvic exams are important for good reproductive health. A woman should have her first GYN exam when she first thinks about becoming sexually active, when she becomes sexually active or when she turns 18.

    At the gynecologist, you will have a short general physical exam, including a breast exam. ...
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  • Title: Nursing A Touch Worthes 1000 Words

  • Description: Nursing A Touch Worthes 1000 Words
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  • Tags: Nursing A Touch Worthes 1000 Words
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  • Title: China - The Empire of the Centre - Millenary Medicine

  • Description: Scenes of Chinese Medicine, dating back 3,000 years. Medicine only with energy of hands that not even touch the patient. Acupuncture, a thyroid removal, where the patient is anaesthetised with only 4 needles. One detail is that she arrives half hour before the operation, having ridden on a bike and walked on her own to...
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