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  • Title: Biliary and Pancreatic Sphincterotomies for Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunct...

  • Description: Biliary and Pancreatic Sphincterotomies for Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

    This 43 year old woman has severe recurrent RUQ pain post cholecystectomy. Liver and pancreatic chemistries and duct size are normal, but pancreatic manometry is abnormal. The plan is to perform dual biliary and pancreatic sphincte...
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  • Tags: Biliary and Pancreatic Sphincterotomies Sphincter Oddi Dysfunction pancreas
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  • Title: Videoscopic Assisted Retroperitoneal Debridement for infected necrotiz...

  • Description: This is the CT of a 43 year old male patiĆ«nt with infected necrotizing pancreatitis that will undergo a VARD procedure; Videoscopic Assisted Retroperitoneal Debridment. Two weeks before this procedure two large bore percutaneous drains were placed in the peripancreatic collection. The patient i...s placed in supine po...
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  • Tags: Videoscopic Assisted Retroperitoneal Debridement infected necrotizing pancreatit...
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  • Title: Vaginal Hysterectomy with Thermal Hemostasis

  • Description: Painless vaginal hysterectomy with thermal haemostasis and multimodal anesthesia : The new paradigm for Hysterectomy ? Study objective : To report an innovative surgical procedure for vaginal hysterectomy to fight pains and obtain a fast post-operative recovery. Design : The classical te...chnic of vaginal hysterectomy...
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  • Tags: Vaginal Hysterectomy Thermal Hemostasis
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  • Title: Superficial Parotidectomy

  • Description: parotidectomy has always been considered to be a daunting aesthetic surgical exercise reuiring extreme care to safeguard the facial nerve. most surgeons master the skill with experience and effort and develop thier own tips and tricks for safe conduct of the procedure. details of the procedure along... with practical t...
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  • Tags: Superficial Parotidectomy gland parotid facial
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  • Title: Spread of Prostate Cancer

  • Description: Prostate Cancer spreads in 3 ways. First is spreads by local growth. Second it spreads through the lymphatic system, and lastly, it spreads through the blood stream. Dr. Patrick Swift, a radiation oncologist, discusses how prostate cancer spreads.
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  • Tags: Spread Prostate Cancer
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  • Title: Ways to Help Pregnant Women Dilate HD

  • Description: Ways to Help Pregnant Women Dilate HD
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  • Tags: Ways to Help Pregnant Women Dilate HD
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  • Title: Intra Oral Camera

  • Description: Walk through your mouth with Intra Oral Technology and see the unseen! Most of us can't really see what is going on in our mouths because it is a very small, and shadowed area. What we don't know is that many situations and conditions in the mouth and painless and not always visible to the naked eye.

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  • Tags: Intra Oral Camera
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  • Title: Patient Experience Having Revision Rhinoplasty Performed by Dr. Paul S...

  • Description: LIZ: The first time the doctor made my tip too narrow and I didnt look like myself. The second time the doctor made my tip too wide, and actually took out (removed) extra bone from the side of my nose. That didnt need to be taken out (removed)

    My initial consultation with Dr. Nassif was fantastic! He tre...
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  • Tags: revision rhinoplasty nose surgery job tip narrow wide two previous rhi...
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  • Title: Pakistan citizens weight loss with gastric bypass surgery in India

  • Description: A Gastric Bypass Surgery is an operation where a small gastric pouch is created and the remainder of the stomach bypassed (by the food). All gastric bypasses are roux procedures. Mr. Ali from Pakistan experienced gastric bypass surgery in India. He consulted our faculty for this surgery and was very satisfied by the o...
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  • Tags: Gastric Bypass Surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery India, Qualitative gastric bypass...
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  • Title: Duodenal Switch Surgery in India to Lose Weight at Your Will

  • Description: Duodenal switch surgery in India is basically proving itself as an effective weight-loss surgery that differs from gastric bypass in several ways. Rather than bypassing part of the stomach, about 75 percent of the stomach is removed. The Duodenal Switch (DS) procedure, also known as Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duode...
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  • Tags: Duodenal Switch Surgery, Duodenal Switch Surgery Mumbai, Duodenal Switch Surgery...
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  • Title: Gait before total knee replacement

  • Description: Severe sideways lurch before a total knee replacement. This is due to late presentation and resultant bone loss.
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  • Tags: Total knee replacement, surgery in INdia,
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  • Title: Gait after total knee replacement

  • Description: Video shows improvement of gait after a total knee replacement in the same patient. The sideways lurch has been abolished. This was possible by bone grafting and an advanced revision knee system.
    Surgery performed at the MJRC,
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  • Tags: total knee replacement, gait, revision,

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