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  • Title: Whipple Surgery

  • Description: This is the biggest known operation ever.The Whipple procedure(pancreatoduodenectomy) is the most common operation performed for pancreatic cancer and may be used to treat other cancers such as small bowel cancer. Surgeons remove the head of the pancreas, most of the duodenum (a part of the small intestine), a portion ...
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  • Title: Whipple procedure

  • Description: What is a Whipple procedure?
    Also called a pancreaticoduodenectomy, the Whipple procedure is performed to address chronic pancreatitis and cancer of the pancreas, ampulla of Vater, duodenum, and the distal bile duct. The Whipple procedure involves removing the cancerous parts of the pancreas, duodenum, common bi...
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  • Title: Pancreatitis video and animation

  • Description: Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. The pancreas is a gland located behind the stomach. It releases the hormones, insulin and glucagon, as well as digestive enzymes that help you digest and absorb food.
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  • Title: Debulking Cytoreduction Surgery

  • Description: Debulking is the surgical removal of part of a malignant tumour which cannot be completely excised, so as to enhance the effectiveness of radiation or chemotherapy. It is used only in specific malignancies, as generally partial removal of a tumor is not considered a worthwhile intervention. Ovarian carcinoma and some t...
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