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  • Title: Dual Sphincterotomy with a Needle Knife Over a Stent for Sphincter of ...

  • Description: This 38 year old woman has increasingly intractable RUQ pain after cholecystectomy done one year prior. LFTs and pancreatic enzymes have been normal, and ducts are non-dilated, thus she is a Type III possible SOD patient. Initial goal is to define course of pancreatic duct for manometry. 5-4-3 Co...ntour catheter (Bost...
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  • Tags: Dual Sphincterotomy Needle Knife Stent Sphincter Oddi Dysfunction
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  • Title: Pure O2: Supercharged Healing with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Description: DMC Wound Care Specialist Doctor Bob Wilson uses the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber to supercharge the body's healing process from wounds, burns and infections. This new therapy works miracles on a young patient threatened with paralysis, and gets her back on the dance floor. ~ Detroit Medical Center
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  • Tags: DMC Dr. Robert Wilson Detroit Receiving Hospital Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Detro...