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  • Title: Domestic Violence Healthcare Response

  • Description: Healthcare providers are in the best position to assess for domestic violence, yet have obstacles to doing so. See the benefits to moving beyond these obstacles for those you serve. And discover an accurate, convenient and confidential way to assess for domestic abuse.
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  • Title: Abusive Relationship: Power of a Diagnosis in Ending Abuse

  • Description: Diagnose an abusive relationship and you will be on your way to ending domestic abuse. Getting a definitive, objective diagnosis can put you in the "stop-guessing" mode and into the "start-treating" mode in moments.
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  • Title: Dr. Paul Nassif, About the Doctor

  • Description:
    (310) 275-2467
    Gain an inside look as to why Dr. Paul Nassif went into Plastic Surgery and specifically otolaryngology, rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty.
    A skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a ...
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  • Tags: “Nose job” “before and after” rhinoplasty specialist doctor “paul nass...