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  • Title: Fetal Laser Surgery

  • Description: Highlights of a fetal laser surgery for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) will be shown from Tampa General Hospital

    TTTS affects 10 to 15 percent of identical-twin pregnancies and is the result of abnormal blood exchange between identical twins through a common placenta. The larger of the twins, o...
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  • Tags: Twin to twin transfusion TTTS fetal laser surgery materal medicine dis...
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  • Title: Less cost Intrauterine insemination in India to get a child.

  • Description: Get a safe pregnancy with Intrauterine insemination in India at medically advanced infertility treatment clinics of Mumbai, Delhi and Goa. If other surgical procedures are not suiting you then a less cost Intrauterine insemination in India would definitely help you to get a child and make your life happier. Intrauterin...
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  • Tags: Intrauterine insemination, Intrauterine insemination India, Intrauterine insemin...
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  • Title: one port laparoscopic technique of peritoneal dialysis catheter placem...

  • Description: Various laparoscopic techniques have been described for the insertion of peritoneal dialysis catheters. However, most use 3 to 4 ports, thus multiplying the potential risk for abdominal wall complications (hemorrhage, hernia, leaking). With the technique presented herein a Tenckhoff catheter is plac...ed laparoscopical...
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  • Tags: port laparoscopic technique peritoneal dialysis catheter placement
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  • Title: Meniscus allograft transplantation - 3 Tunnel Technique

  • Description: Meniscus allograft survival in patients with moderate to severe unicompartmental arthritis: a 2- to 7-year follow-up.PURPOSE: We present meniscus allograft survival data at least 2 years from surgery for 45 patients (47 allografts) with significant arthrosis to determine if the meniscus can survive an arthritic j...
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  • Tags: Meniscus allograft transplantation Tunnel Technique
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  • Title: Trans tracheal catheter insertion under direct bronchoscopic guidance

  • Description: SCOOP transtracheal oxygen is indicated for patients with chronic hypoxemia which persists in spite of optimal medical therapy. Arterial blood gases obtained while breathing room air should show a PaO2< 55 mm Hg. SCOOP transtracheal oxygen is also indicated for patients with a PaO2 of 56-59 mm Hg ...

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  • Tags: Trans tracheal catheter insertion under direct bronchoscopic guidance
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  • Title: Dental Implant Tooth failure

  • Description: Although the success rate of dental implant is very high, there are about 10% of failure in all dental implantation. The cause is usually related to the bone quality of the implant site. Once the implant failed, it can be easily removed, wait for 6 weeks and re-implant again. It is easier to remove a failed implant tha...
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  • Tags: Dental Implant failure
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  • Title: Implant failure

  • Description: The sinus is a hollow area in the back part of the mouth, when people lost thier teeth in this area, the bone will quickly resorbed, One way we can place implant into this area is by put graft materials in the sinus and hoped that the bone will take and allow us to place implant into the grafted bone. The grafting incr...
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  • Tags: Dental Implant failure
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  • Title: Dental Implant failure

  • Description: The back part of the upper jaw has the highest failure rate abotu 20% overall due to the presence of the sinus and the soft quality of bone.
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  • Tags: Dental Implant failure
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  • Title: Restoring the Heart's Rhythm with New Technology

  • Description: DMC Heart Imaging Specialist Doctor Mukarram Siddiqui uses minimally invasive surgery to install a pacemaker and defibrillator on patients, preventing the onset of heart failure and dramatically increasing quality of life. ~ Detroit Medical Center
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  • Tags: Dr Mukarram Siddiqui Sinai-Grace Hospital Detroit Medical Center
    Cardiac DMC pac...
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  • Title: Medical tourism invites you to enjoy cool summer vacations with a mini...

  • Description: Medical tourism invites you to enjoy cool summer vacations with a minimal price bariatric surgery in India at Kerala. Get rid of morbid obesity with our low cost yet very effective procedures of bariatric surgery with the provisions of international quality medical care facilities available at obesity surgery clinics o...
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  • Tags: Bariatric surgery, Bariatric surgery India, Bariatric surgery Kerala, cost Baria...
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  • Title: Vaginal ChildBirth after Cesarean Section (C-Section)

  • Description: At one time, women who had delivered by cesarean section in the past would usually have another cesarean section for any future pregnancies. The rationale was that if allowed to labor, many of these women with a scar in their uterus would rupture the uterus along the weakness of the old scar. Over time, a number o...
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  • Tags: vaginal birth childbirth cesarean section delivery
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  • Title: Laparoscopic Release of Celiac Artery Compression

  • Description: J Vasc Surg. 2009 Jul;50(1):134-9. Celiac artery compression syndrome managed by laparoscopy. Baccari P, Civilini E, Dordoni L, Melissano G, Nicoletti R, Chiesa R. Department of General Surgery, Scientific Institute San Raffaele University Hospital, Milan, Italy. [email protected] Abstr...

    act OBJECTI...
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  • Tags: Laparoscopic Release Celiac Artery Compression

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