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  • Title: Fetal Laser Surgery

  • Description: Highlights of a fetal laser surgery for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) will be shown from Tampa General Hospital

    TTTS affects 10 to 15 percent of identical-twin pregnancies and is the result of abnormal blood exchange between identical twins through a common placenta. The larger of the twins, o...
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  • Title: Caesarean section for a breech

  • Description: Caesarean section is the most common way to deliver a breech baby in the USA, Australia, and Great Britain. Like any major surgery, it involves risks. Maternal mortality is increased by a Caesarean section, but still remains a rare complication in the First World. Third World statistics are dramatically different, and ...
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  • Title: Vaginal ChildBirth after Cesarean Section (C-Section)

  • Description: At one time, women who had delivered by cesarean section in the past would usually have another cesarean section for any future pregnancies. The rationale was that if allowed to labor, many of these women with a scar in their uterus would rupture the uterus along the weakness of the old scar. Over time, a number o...
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  • Title: The Fibroids Project Interviews Dr. Brown Duke Univ Dept Chair

  • Description: The Fibroids Project Interviews Dr. Brown. Haywood Brown, MD, is the chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University Medical Center. He also is a nationally recognized specialist in maternal-fetal medicine.
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  • Title: Leopold's Maneuvers for Childbirth

  • Description: Leopold's Maneuvers are difficult to perform on obese women and women who have hydramnios. The palpation can sometimes be uncomfortable for the woman if care is not taken to ensure she is relaxed and adequately positioned. To aid in this, the health care provider should first ensure that the woman has recently emptied ...
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  • Title: Spontaneous Breech Delivery Childbirth

  • Description: A breech birth is the birth of a baby from a breech presentation. In the breech presentation the baby enters the birth canal with the buttocks or feet first as opposed to the normal head first presentation. There are either three or four main categories of breech births, depending upon the source: * Frank...
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  • Title: Maternal Fetal Circulation

  • Description: The fetal circulation is the circulatory system of a human fetus, often encompassing the entire fetoplacental circulation that also includes the umbilical cord and the blood vessels within the placenta that carry fetal blood.

    The fetal circulation works differently from that of born humans, mainly becaus...
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