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  • Title: Temporomandibular joint and Cervical spine exam

  • Description: Facial Tenderness
    1. Ask the patient to tell you if these maneuvers causes excessive discomfort or pain. ++
    2. Press upward under both eyebrows with your thumbs.
    3. Press upward under both maxilla with your thumbs.
    4. Excessive discomfort on one side or significant pain suggests sinusitis.
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  • Title: Fundus Exam Eye Video

  • Description: With an Ophthalmoscope, light is shone into the eye and the retina and the optic nerve is examined. This is called as Examination of the Fundus. This is what the eye-doctor sees when he peeps into your eye! Through the transparent cornea, into the dark interior. The Fundus Exam When he looks into the eye with the O...
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  • Title: Scarless Closed Rhinoplasty Nose Job by Rhinoplasty Specialist

  • Description:, 310.275.2467

    This is my plastic surgery before and after story as I have a closed (endonasal) rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, CA. My sister had a rhinoplasty procedure before me that left her with undesirable results. Learning from her experience, I did my research and...
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  • Title: Perdre Sa Cellulite

  • Description:
    ---Perdre Sa Cellulite. Une Bonne Alimentation Pour Lutter Contre la Cellulite

    Certains aliments ont des composants naturels antioxydants et draineurs qui éliminent naturellement la cellulite. Parmi eux se trouvent le céleri branche. Il s'agit d'un légume ...
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