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  • Title: Lower Back Exam

  • Description: Common Benign Pain Syndromes--Symptoms and Etiology:
    1. Non-specific musculoskeletal pain: This is the most common cause of back pain. Patients present with lumbar area pain that does not radiate, is worse with activity, and improves with rest. There may or may not be a clear history of antecedent over use or in...
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  • Title: American security guard approached a spine surgeon of Mumbai for his h...

  • Description: William an American security guard from the U.S undertook a herniated disc replacement surgery in India at Mumbai. He was suffering from back pain due to complications in his herniated disc so he approached a spine surgeon of Mumbai for his herniated disc replacement surgery in India. Herniated disc replacement surgery...
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  • Description: This is a minimally invasive surgical technique using an endoscope to remove any type of lumbar disc herniation - prolapsed, sequestrated or migrating discs. This technique does not employ any specialist instruments.The procedure involves two 5 mm portals employed beside the midline at the appropriate level of disc pro...
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  • Title: Tubular Diskectomy

  • Description: A video showing the procedure of Tubular Diskectomy of a herniated disk. Uploaded on the management of Sciatica.
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