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  • Title: Domestic Violence Healthcare Response

  • Description: Healthcare providers are in the best position to assess for domestic violence, yet have obstacles to doing so. See the benefits to moving beyond these obstacles for those you serve. And discover an accurate, convenient and confidential way to assess for domestic abuse.
  • 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (10801)     Duration: (00:03:46)     Uploaded: 28-08-10
  • Tags: Intimate partner violence, signs of domestic abuse, domestic violence screen, do...
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  • Title: Ear Reconstruction After Skin Cancer Surgery

  • Description: Graphic images focusing on the reconstruction of an ear after the removal of a long-standing skin cancer that this patient allowed to slowly grow over many years because he was afraid of what the surgery to remove might entail. Go to to learn more about the importance of the early diagnosis of ...
  • 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (7682)     Duration: (00:04:49)     Uploaded: 03-02-11
  • Tags: ear reconstruction, skin cancer, mohs surgery
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  • Title: The sun and your skin

  • Description: Skin cancer is the most common of all cancer types, accounting for an estimated one third of all new cases. It’s important to take the right steps to ensure proper protection and adopt good sun care habits no matter what your age or stage in life.
  • 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (5851)     Duration: (00:03:07)     Uploaded: 13-06-11
  • Tags: sunscreen,sun,skin,care,burn,tan,harm,UV,UVA,UVB,rays,Banana,Boat,cancer,kids,SP...
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  • Title: Sun Damage Denial?

  • Description: Simple and convenient ways to protect your skin.
  • 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star 1 Star     Views: (2627)     Duration: (00:02:46)     Uploaded: 07-09-12
  • Tags: sun, sunscreen, SPF, UVA, UVB, UV rays, sun damage, sunburn, skin, skin cancer, ...

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