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  • Title: Medical Male Breast Exam

  • Description: Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that develops from the cells of
    the breast. It is the most common type of cancer among women in
    the United States. It is most often curable when found early. The
    normal breast consists of three main components: the lobules
    (milk-producing glands), the ducts...
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  • Title: Oral Exam

  • Description: The exam should be performed in an orderly fashion as follows: 1. Have the patient stick out their tongue so that you can examine the posterior pharynx (i.e. the back of the throat). Ask the patient to say "Ah", which elevates the soft palate, giving you a better view. If you are still unable to see, place the tongue b...
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  • Title: Right Frontal Craniotomy Brain Surgery

  • Description: On Tuesday May 29th at 3:00pm EDT, University Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland, Ohio, will host a live webcast to demonstrate the removal of brain tumor and epileptic focus from an awake patient using intra-operative MRI and brain mapping. See this on

    The patient was a middle-aged gent...
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  • Title: Deep Brain Stimulation

  • Description: Vanderbilt Medical Center neurosurgeons and neurologists will be online demonstrating their 4-stage innovative technique used for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Deep brain stimulation therapy utilizes an implantable neuro-stimulator to treat movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, and dystonia.
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  • Title: Brain Surgery at Johns Hopkins with Dr. Ben Carson

  • Description: Watch as Dr. Benjamin Carson performs risky brain surgery on young Payton to remove a brain tumor. Dr. Carson, director of pediatric neurosurgery, is just one of the many reasons why Johns Hopkins Children's Center was recently ranked #1 in neurology and neurosurgery in America's Best Children's Hospitals 2008
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  • Title: Brain Tumor ( Cyst) Endoscope

  • Description: Endoscopic Management of Brain Cyst, ForaminoPlasty
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  • Title: Cancer surgery hospitals of Mumbai and Chennai providing testicular ca...

  • Description: Cancer surgery hospitals of Mumbai and Chennai are providing testicular cancer surgery in India. Indian doctors and cancer surgeons are providing good results in curing testicular cancer to persons chiefly in the age of 25-35 through testicular cancer surgery in India at a very affordable cost with good quality. Testic...
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  • Title: Larynx cancer surgery in India with Medical tourism at Goa and Kerala.

  • Description: Get free from larynx cancer with a larynx cancer surgery in India and also enjoy medical tourism in India at Goa and Kerala. Now JCI accredited cancer surgeons are operating outpatient larynx cancer surgery Larynx cancer starts in a single cell, when it starts dividing out of control. When cells divide rapidly in the ...
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  • Tags: Larynx cancer surgery India, larynx cancer, larynx cancer surgery Goa, larynx ca...
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  • Title: Removal of multiple stomach tumors

    PEUTZ-JEGHERS SYNDROME: Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (PJS) is a familial syndrome consisting of mucocutaneous pigmentation, gastrointestinal polyposis and cancers of gut & other sites like breast, ovary, an...
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  • Title: Leg Tumor Resection

  • Description: A 54 year old man with a left leg tumor, a vascular malformation, undergoes resection (removal) of the tumor.
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  • Title: Cure of pancreatic cancer with pancreatic cancer surgery in India.

  • Description: If you are having growth of abnormal tumor cells in the pancreatic tissues of your body then a pancreatic cancer surgery in India is being offered by the most reputed and JCI accredited cancer surgeons of India at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. The cost of pancreatic cancer surgery in India is very affordable to...
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  • Tags: Pancreatic cancer surgery, Pancreatic cancer surgery India, Pancreatic cancer su...
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  • Title: Medically qualitative urosurgery in India to cure urogenital disorders...

  • Description: Patients suffering from urogenital disorders are invited and offered to get health recovery through a medically qualitative and affordable cost urosurgery in India at Medical treatment hubs of Goa, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Urosurgery is also called Urogenital Surgery or Genitourinary Surgery. It is a specialty that i...
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  • Tags: Urosurgery, urosurgery India, affordable cost urosurgery India, urosurgery Goa, ...