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  • Title: Fertilization

  • Description: This video explains the overall idea about how the process of fertilization occurs in the human organism.It is a very miraculous thing in God's creation.This video helps to understand the basic of fertilization.
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  • Title: Removal of Foreign Body Airway through bronchoscopy

  • Description: Foreign Body(FB) Airway (Whistle) was inhailed by a child causing intermitent stridor & respiratory distress.FForeign Body was removed successfully by rigid endoscopy under General Anesthesia (G/A).The relevant steps of procedure are shown
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  • Tags: Bronchoscopy
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  • Title: Hernia Exam

  • Description: Inguinal hernia Diagram of an indirect, scrotal inguinal hernia ( median view from the left). Diagram of an indirect, scrotal inguinal hernia ( median view from the left). By far the most common hernias (up to 75% of all abdominal hernias) are the so-called inguinal hernias. For a thorough understanding of inguin...
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  • Title: Ex-PRESS glaucoma surgery

  • Description: The Ex-PRESS Mini Glaucoma Shunt provides a simplified method of filtration surgery for patients with open angle glaucoma. The Ex-PRESS implanted Under a Scleral Flap is a minimally invasive procedure with predictable results.
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  • Description: PARASITE REMOVED FROM THE EYEBALL OF A YOUNG N, NOT FOR THE SCREAMISH!Loa Loa worms (also known as the "eye worm") are classified as filarial worms, meaning they thrive in human tissue. The Loa Loa worm is also called the "eye worm" because they often migrate through the eye and surrounding subsurface areas. At one tim...
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  • Tags: WORM LIKE EYE Loa Loa diethylcarbamazine Ivermectin
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  • Title: Appendectomy Operation with Umbilical Access

  • Description: Appendectomy operation performed under normal conditions. Umbilicus is used as an access point to the abdomen. Patient is left with no scaring.
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  • Tags: Appendectomy Operation Umbilical Access appendicitis appendicectomy
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  • Title: Colonoscopy of a rectal Cancer with Hemorrhoids HD

  • Description: HD Video Colonoscopy of a patient with internal Hemorrhoids and rectal cancer. This video clip shows a common mistake that people use indiscriminately a rectal medicines for hemorrhoids like Apply a rectal cream, Hemorrhoidal Ointment Uses Temporarily relief with out any medical check up Any human being after a 40 y...
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  • Title: Nasolabial cyst excision

  • Description: This video clip shows nasolabial cyst being excised under local anesthesia
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  • Tags: Nasolabial cyst excision
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  • Title: Hand and Wrist Exam

  • Description: Hand and Wrist
    Normal function of the hand and wrist is obviously of great importance. A cursory review of this area is included in the Upper Extremity Examination. What follows is a description of commonly occurring pain syndromes and pathologic processes involving this region. 1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Present...
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  • Title: Temporomandibular joint and Cervical spine exam

  • Description: Facial Tenderness
    1. Ask the patient to tell you if these maneuvers causes excessive discomfort or pain. ++
    2. Press upward under both eyebrows with your thumbs.
    3. Press upward under both maxilla with your thumbs.
    4. Excessive discomfort on one side or significant pain suggests sinusitis.
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  • Title: Oral Exam

  • Description: The exam should be performed in an orderly fashion as follows: 1. Have the patient stick out their tongue so that you can examine the posterior pharynx (i.e. the back of the throat). Ask the patient to say "Ah", which elevates the soft palate, giving you a better view. If you are still unable to see, place the tongue b...
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  • Title: Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy

  • Description: In 2003, ETS was banned in its birthplace, Sweden, due to overwhelming complaints by disabled patients. In 2004, Taiwanese health authorities banned the procedure on patients under 20 years of age.
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  • Tags: Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy